Skin acne treatment

Those, who repeatedly have tried to get themselves cured of troublesome pimples, know how much time, patience it requires, and that the treatment with various solutions, creams, chemical or mechanical peelers often do not produce the wanted result.

Modern science provides unique possibilities to cure pimples and improve the state of the skin!

Unique elōs technology (with simultaneous action of wide spectrum light and radio frequency) may be helpful in successful treatment of pimpled skin, reduction of pimples, blackheads and comedos.

Essence of acne treatment with ELOS technology: wide spectrum light (400–980 nm) kills bacteria Propionibacterium acne on skin and in oil glands. In the course of photodynamic response between light and light-sensitive molecules (protoporphyrins), free radicals appearing during oxidation, kill bacteria in overgrown oil glands; thus, infection agents are killed, inflammatory process minimizes. Energy of radio frequency turns into thermal energy, which destroys (causes thermal destruction of) oil glands. Thus, the number of dilated pores and fat production therein minimizes, skin surface gets smoother. This method of treatment is effective also in mere presence of blackheads or comedos.

Generally, a course of 8-10 treatments (two treatments per week) is recommended, however, sometimes more treatments may be required. In need of long lasting effect, later, maintenance treatments are required. During treatment, light flashes and heat, slight itch, sense of drag, nip are felt. Treatment results are greatly influenced by adjacent illnesses and conditions of organism, pharmaceuticals used, observation of expert‘s recommendations, as well as individual organism response to treatment. In the presence of a certain genetic, hormone state of the organism, it can be impossible to obtain the desirable result.


Treatment contraindications:

1. Pregnancy;

2. Pacemaker;

3. Serious-progress, uncontrolled diabetes;

4. Taking retinoids (synthetic vitamin A preparation) during last 6 months; for the latter month, taking antibiotics of tetracycline group or other pharmaceuticals that increase the skin sensitivity to light, or which, while taking them, may not include photo therapy;

5. Atypical skin derivatives and pigment spots, rashes of non-inflammatory origin, dilated scars in areas of treatment;

6. Infection caused by herpes virus or that of other origin, as well as damage to skin integrity (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) on areas of treatment;

7. A deep chemical or mechanical skin peel applied on areas of treatment in the course of the latter 2 weeks;

8. Wrinkle or skin recontouring treatment with laser on areas of treatment in the course of the latter 3 months;

9. Injections of collagen or other skin fillings on the area of treatment in the course of the latter 2 weeks;

10. Decide individually on performance of treatment in case of allergy to nickel, as the electrode of the device are covered with nickel;

11. Strongly sunburnt skin may be cured no less than 4 weeks after sunburn.


Side effects:

1. Temporary reddening, intumescence on areas of treatment;

2. Slight, momentary discomfort on areas of treatment;

3. Rarely – blisters, wounds, crusts or scars, changes in skin colour.


Preparation for treatment:

1. Do not use local strong skin-irritating pharmaceuticals two days before treatment;

2. On the day of treatment, the skin must be clean, free of make-up, perfume.


Recommendations after treatment:

1. Avoid exposure to direct sunlight and heat for several days after treatment, as irregular skin pigmentation may appear;

2. Use sun creams on areas of treatment;

3. Do not use strong skin irritants for several days after treatment;

4. For further skin care, it is necessary to consult the doctor, who performed the treatment.