Skin recontouring

Skin aging is not only an appearance of wrinkles. It is also skin colour unevenness, formation of various pigment spots, dilated  small skin blood vessels, increased skin pores, decreased skin resilience and elasticity. These changes are conditioned not only by the age, but also by long term exposure to ultraviolet rays, by genetical and environmental factors, illnesses of inner organs.

What happens during skin recontouring with elōs technology?

Pulse light is selectively absorbed by the skin structures containing chromophores (melanin, haemoglobin) – blood vessels, pigment derivatives, hair follicles. Pulse light, while affecting these structures, turns into thermal energy, thus, there is an increase in temperature in those areas. Therefore, skin resistance minimizes, skin briefly gets conductive to radio-frequency energy. Radio frequency energy, when flowing through the skin from one electrode to another, warms it up gently, without any damage to it, thus, destroying those structures, which have absorbed intensive pulse light. Current local thermolysis causes desirable result – pigment and blood vessel derivatives get gradually brighter and vanish. Due to collagen exposure to intensive pulse light and radio frequency, the skin gets more resilient, smoother, the size of dilated pores minimizes.

Extremely high safety of the treatment is ensured by measuring the change in skin temperature and skin resistance during each impulse. According to relation of these indexes (ISL – Impedance Safety Limit), the doctor may, during skin recontouring, regulate intensiveness of the intensive pulse light and radio frequency energy, considering the individual skin type of each single patient and its response to temperature. Furthermore, during each impulse, skin is locally frozen up to 5 °C, thus, again minimizing the risk of damage to the skin. Generally, patient, during treatment, feels only the heat or pins and needles, while during skin recontouring, the old generation device often faced complaints due to sense of pain or burning.

During skin recontouring, generally, 3-5 treatments each 2nd – 8th week are recommended. Structure of the skin does not change immediately, brightening of pigment spots becomes visible after 2-4 weeks, blood vessel derivatives get pale after 8-10 weeks. Remember that, immediately after treatment, unwanted signs of skin aging remain slightly dark, until they start vanishing. Collagen stimulation exposure to radio frequency energy and optical (light) energy has a cumulative character. During skin stiffening, 5 level treatment course is recommended. In the presence of a certain individual genetic, hormone state of the organism, it can be impossible to obtain the desirable result.


Treatment contraindications:

1. Light and/or sun allergy;

2. Taking retinoids (synthetic vitamin A preparation) during last 6 months; for the latter month, taking antibiotics of tetracycline group or other pharmaceuticals that increase the skin sensitivity to light, or which, while taking them, may not include photo therapy;

3. Pregnancy;

4. Keloidic (hypertrophic) scars of skin in a precancerous state;

5. Malignant skin derivatives;

6. Pacemaker and defibrillator;

7. Strong sunburn, chemical burn (sun creams, etc.);

8. Infection caused by herpes virus or that of other origin, as well as damage to skin integrity (eczema, psoriasis, etc.) on areas of treatment;

9. Blood clotting disorders (increased bleeding risk due to coagulopathies), taking anticoagulants;

10. Thromboembolic diseases;

11. Uncontrolled diabetes mellitus;

12. Skin resurfacing during the latter three months;

13. Decide individually on performance of treatment in case of allergy to nickel, as the electrode of the device are covered with nickel.


Side effects:

1. During treatment, the heat, itch, pain can be felt;

2. Temporary reddening, intumescence on areas of treatment;

3. Changes in skin colour – darkening (hyperpigmentation) and brightening (hypopigmentation);

4. Skin surface scaling, crusts, blisters, scars, haematomas (bruises).


Preparation for treatment:

1. Make-up, perfume, etc. shall be removed from skin;

2. Hairs on the area of treatment shall be shaved;

3. During treatment, it is required to wear eye protection and not to remove them without doctor‘s permission.


Recommendations before and after treatment:

1. It is recommended to avoid direct sunlight for 2-3 weeks before and after treatment. If it is impossible – during the aforementioned period, it is necessary to apply the especially high factor sun cream (not less than SPF 30).

2. Take 72 hours for not using a tanning bed, bathhouse, infrared light and other saunas – avoid heat;

3. Avoid chemical and mechanical irritants several days before and after treatment;

4. Do not perform various injections on the area of treatment 2 weeks before and after treatment.